Musings over 2016 — and beyond

Duterte’s 2016 campaign: the spectacle that brought us here. (Financial Times)
Jeepney drivers asking for alms amidst the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in Duterte’s fourth year in office.
Rody’s Cube — a cube-sized effigy featuring Marcos, Duterte, Hitler, and a puppy — while burning up in flames during an anti-martial law mobilization in 2017.
Duterte’s stunts in 2016. (New York Times)
As drug war killings wore on, this was an explicit show of violent repression during Duterte’s first months in the presidential throne: when his own police rammed through and clamped down, in another show of Dutertian irony, on indigenous peoples who were actually up in arms to support his “anti-American” posturing. This occurred in October 2016.
As it is, “never again” now screams against two faces, two surnames, that wrought devastating afflictions on this nation.



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Karl Patrick Suyat

editor-in-chief, up journalism club • institute for nationalist studies • bookworm