#StopTheKillingsPH is not just a Duterte issue

Former chief executive Rodrigo Duterte has already concluded his bloody rule, but the killings have not stopped.

The apex of the Yumol narrative is that the killer himself is a rabid far-right Marcos-Duterte fanatic. His belief that the law could be taken upon someone’s hands, that killings could resolve his otherwise justified issues of narcopolitics and corruption against the Furigay dynasty in Basilan, pushed him to actually pull the trigger and murder three people, including the defenseless Ateneo security guard Jevelen Bandalia. His murder spree has opened a Pandora’s box of violence, which now claimed his own father’s life. Who’s next?

#StopTheKillingsPH is not just an issue confined within Dutertismo’s era. It should not be.



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Karl Patrick Suyat

editor-in-chief, up journalism club • institute for nationalist studies • bookworm