The paradox of democracy

One of the defiant protest actions led by Lorenza Tañada, Chino Roces, and other forces of the anti-Marcos opposition in Welcome Rotonda, Quezon City on September 22, 1984.
As Philippine Daily Inquirer’s banner story on February 26, 1986 unfurled: “It’s all over; Marcos flees!”
The infamous 2004 Hacienda Luisita massacre. (The Defiant)
While Palparan was convicted for their disappearance, these two student activists remain missing — to this day.
Inquirer’s front page said it all.
This “cyber martial law” now takes effect under Duterte, (no) thanks to Aquino’s draconian law. (Al Jazeera)
A protest placard hoisted during a protest march commemorating the 45th anniversary of Marcos’ martial law in 2017. (Rappler)



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Karl Patrick Suyat

editor-in-chief, up journalism club • institute for nationalist studies • bookworm